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Services for Individuals
Bill Pay - Personal Taxes
iFile - Personal Taxes
iFile - Estimated Taxes
Estimated Tax Calculator for Tax Year 2012
Estimated Nonresident Tax Calculator
Extension Request - Personal Tax
Individual Payment Agreement Request
Refund Status
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Unclaimed Property Search
Income Tax Interest Calculator
Appeals of Personal Income Tax Assessments and Refund Denials
Sign-up for future electronic 1099-G

Services for State Employees
Net Pay Calculator
Payroll Online Service Center (POSC)

Services for Businesses
Tax Preparer's Online Service Center
bFile - Business Taxes
W-2 Bulk Upload Application
Bill Pay - Business Taxes
Combined Corporate Reporting System
Maryland Online bFile Providers
Extension Request - Business Tax
Employer Withholding Calculator for Tax Year 2012
Business Registration
Sales Tax Exemption Verification
Unclaimed Property Home Page
Online Reporting for Unclaimed Property Holders
Appeals of Business Tax Assessments and Refund Denials
Unemployment Insurance Quarterly Return

Alcohol and Tobacco Services
Credit Control Reporting System
License and Permits
Direct Debit Payment
Cigarette Wholesaler to Retailer Minimum Price Calculator
Cigarette Wholesaler to Retailer Alternate Price Calculator

Motor Fuel Services
IFTA Registration
IFTA e-File
IFTA Decal Request
Motor Fuel Exemption Certificate Inquiry
Motor Fuel License Inquiry

General Accounting Services
Vendor Payment Inquiry
1099 Form Inquiry